BAO helps to educate and care for vulnerable children in Uganda. Our philosophy is that ‘all children should have a childhood’ and that ‘education is no weight to carry.’

At BAO we are proud of our minimal overheads and publish details of all the charity costs to ensure that our donors can be reassured that their money is being managed and spent in the most effective manner.

BAO currently helps care for a group of orphaned children from age 4 to 14 years old. Many of these children have lost their parents to AIDS or Malaria which continues to still take thousands of lives every year in Uganda.

We also help fund the education of children with learning difficulties such as autism and dyslexia. In Ugandan society there is little opportunity for these children; BAO therefore gives them the chances and education that all children have a right to.

Without our help all these children would be living either destitute on the streets or working on local farms as cheap labour.

With BAO’s help we aim to help these children to achieve their dreams of one day being able to find a good job and having a better life.


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