Education is no weight to carry - Helping to educate vulnerable children in Uganda


If you would like to set up a direct debit or arrange a fundraising event then this is what you need to know…

What's the cost of supporting just one Ugandan child?

  • £20 per month can provide a secondary school child with food, accommodation and education for a year.

  • £12.50 per month can help support a primary school child with their educational needs and care.

  • £2 per month can provide a uniform and clothing for a year.

Secure Donations via Virgin Money

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

You can make one off donations or set up regular direct debits (of any amount), using any of the following methods:

  • Cheque made payable to "Bury African Outreach" and posted to our registered office.

  • Standing Order - it's best to use you own bank's pro-forma, but follow this link for a printable example (whichever form you use, please return it to our registered office.

  • Visa/Mastercard/Maestro Debit etc - for details, please visit 

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a great scheme! Basically by confirming that you are a UK tax payer the government will increase your donation by a further 25%!

In other words, if you donated £100 then the charity would receive a further £25 in gift aid. All you need to do is sign a gift aid form and send it back to us.

Donations made under UK Gift Aid have enabled us to substantially increase our support to the children at no extra cost to our sponsors.

Please follow this link for a form you can use (please return to our registered office).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to send a child to school?

Costs vary depending on the childs age. The older they get the more expensive it becomes. As an example, £12.50 a month will pay for a child of 10 to go to school.

Does the charity pay wages?

No. Nobody involved with the charity takes a wage or claims expenses etc.

How much does BAO raise on average?

We aim to raise between £9,500 and £12,000 per year.

Why ‘Bury African Outreach?’

The charity was originally started in Bury (Lancashire) and many of our regular donors still live in the area. However we now have donors across the UK and afar.

Where does all the money come from?

Approximately 50% comes via monthly direct debits and the rest comes from special one off fundraising events.

Is Uganda safe?

Yes. The country is rebuilding itself after years of civil unrest and is now beginning to thrive as a popular tourist destination. Many tourists visit Uganda to visit the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Can I go?

Yes...please do. You are welcome to visit the nuns and meet the children! Please contact us for travel tips.